Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We provide a Cloud based Web Platform where we facilitate “Upload of Requirements” and “Submission of Quotations”. You can manage all these Requirements and Quotations from the platform.

We have 2 Platforms integrated into one solution. i-Pro and i-Smart.

Any company can register for this through our website. Once validated we enable these companies to login to the platform. After logging in, the company users can Upload Requirements and can Submit Quotations depending on their business category.

To manage distributed Vendors spread across geographies, you can use i-Smart platform. You will be able to manage your Vendors and their business categories through the platform.

Currently we are offering these services free for the first Six months to try it out. Once you get to know the advantages, you will have an option to continue or discontinue these services.

This platform is for any Buyer, Seller, Manufacturer, Dealer or Sub-Dealer.

Please go to “” and fill-in your details. Your account will be activated in-next 24-hours after your registration.

You can upgrade anytime! Just send an email to info@reqonix .com if you need more details.

You can select as many categories as you wish depending on your current business. You will receive email communication regarding requirements only against your selected categories.

Just send an email to